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Yoga Insurance

With Australia’s growing obsession with health and fitness, yoga is an exciting area to be in. As a Yoga Instructor you get to escape the daily grind of the office whilst helping people be the best self. Your clients entrust you with their wellbeing and safety, and in return it is your responsibility to provide adequate protection for their safety.

Having the right yoga insurance is an essential part of your business operations. It will protect you, your business, and your clients should a claim be made against you for negligence, such as giving wrong or misleading advice (Professional Indemnity), or if somebody was to hurt themselves while in your care (Public Liability).

It is a requirement of most employers, including gyms and fitness studios that you provide your own insurance, and in most cases is also a condition for obtaining council permits for working outdoors in public spaces such as parks and reserves.

Professional Indemnity

Protects you and your employees against financial loss due to legal action against your business for services or advice you have provided.

Public Liability

Protects you and your business if an incident causing property damage or an injury were to happen while you are on the job.

Personal Accident and Illness

Protects you for lost income if the unfortunate were to happen and you couldn't perform your usual work and earn an income.

Business Insurance

Protects your business contents and equipment from unexpected events like fire, theft or accidental damage anywhere in Australia

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI) protects you against financial losses you incur for any action taken against you, if you provide wrong or misleading advice. It covers you for the cost of defending yourself, including legal fees, as well as any compensation costs which can run into run into hundreds of thousands of dollars and compromise not only your business, but your personal assets too.

What are the risk factors?

  • Personal injury claims as a result of negligence of the yoga teacher
  • Creating training plans that are unsuitable or ineffective
  • Providing wrong or misleading advice in relation to dietary plans and food preparation
  • Claims arising from inappropriate behaviour (includes cover for defence costs, however costs relating to damages are excluded)


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Public Liability Insurance

Whether you work in a studio, hold yoga sessions at your client’s premises, in your own home, or provide outdoor sessions in public spaces, it’s important to ensure you are protected from paying hefty legal and compensation costs should an unwanted accident occur.

Say, a client trips over a piece of equipment and breaks their ankle. You could be held liable and potentially be sued for the cost of their medical expenses, as well as any loss of income that you client suffers as a result of taking time off work to recover. Public Liability Insurance is designed to protect you against such claims.

It also protects you against third-party property damage should you accidentally damage your clients property, or anyone under your supervision damages the facilities or equipment in the gym or studio where you are training them.

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